Fein 240 Grit Super-Soft Sanding Sheets

240 Grit Super-Soft Sanding Sheets - Fein


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Special abrasive sheets for treatment of alloy auto rims, and repairs to dust embedments, paint runs, overspray on wood, plastic, metal, etc. Use only in combination with backing pad 6 38 06 141 02 6. Unperforated, hook and loop attachment.

AFSC 18 QCSL (AFSC 18 QCSL), AFSC 18 QSL (AFSC 18 QSL), FEIN cordless MultiTalent QuickStart (AFMT 12 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster Cordless (AFMM 18 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster Top (FMM 350 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster Start Q (FMM 350 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster QuickStart (FMM 350 QSL), FEIN MultiTalent Start Q (FMT 250 QSL), AFSC 18 QSL - Wood (AFSC 18 QSL)

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