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Fein Cleaning Block (FEI63719007010)

Fein 63719007010 Cleaning Block


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  • $49.70

Rhombus block for cleaning carbide-tipped and diamond-coated accessories.

AFSC 18 QCSL (AFSC 18 QCSL), AFSC 18 QSL (AFSC 18 QSL), FEIN cordless MultiTalent QuickStart (AFMT 12 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster Cordless (AFMM 18 QSL), FEIN MultiMaster Top (FMM 350 QSL), AStx 649-1 (AStx 649-1), FSC 2.0 Q (FSC 2.0 Q), AStxe 649-1 (AStxe 649-1), FSC 2.0 X (FSC 2.0 X), STS 325 R (STS 325 R), FEIN Professional-Set Tile / Bathroom Renovation (FSC 2.0 Q), FEIN MultiMaster Start Q (FMM 350 QSL), FEIN Professional-Set Flooring (FSC 2.0 Q), FEIN MultiMaster QuickStart (FMM 350 QSL), FEIN MultiTalent Start Q (FMT 250 QSL), MOtlx 6-25 (MOtlx 6-25), AFSC 18 QSL - Wood (AFSC 18 QSL)

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