Mulco 104-930 Scotia Blue Supra Expert Sealant 300ml

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Super-durable thermoplastic architectural one component sealing compound. Dries by solvent evaporation.

  • Industrial
  • First-quality thermoplastic rubber-based sealant
  • For windows and siding
  • Instant resistance to rain
  • Super-flexible, super-adherent and super-durable
  • Adheres to almost any surface
  • Can stretch up to 1400% without breaking
  • Bubble-free

Intended Uses: SUPRA EXPERT is formulated to seal outdoor joints between two perpendicular surfaces exposed to thermal movement around door and window frames, sidings and glass in window frames. Super adhesion on concrete, masonry, painted or stained wood, natural, painted or anodised aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, metal, glass, fibreglass and vinyl (PVC).

  • It is resistant to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution.
  • The performances of SUPRA EXPERT, its ease of use as well as its remarkable choice of colours make it the ideal choice for professionals in the fields of construction or renovation and in manufacturing environment.
  • Professional quality with excellent life expectancy.
  • Free of air bubbles (Note: Due to the MULCO's expertise with the thermoplastic sealants, SUPRA EXPERT is manufactured, put in cartridges, stored and delivered to our customers in such a way that the paste is free of air bubbles and is extruded uniformly and constantly. However, it happens sometimes that absorbent or porous surfaces cause the appearance of bubbles in the joint of the sealant during its drying
  • Multipurpose with a super adhesion on many construction materials, including glass.
  • Ease of application, does not generally require priming.
  • Rapid skin formation on which dust will not adhere.
  • Can be applied on vertical, horizontal or overhanging surfaces without subsiding or sagging.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • No staining of surrounding surfaces.
  • Remains flexible with a superior and permanent elasticity up to -40°C (-40°F).
  • Can be stretched out to 1400% (ASTM D-412) without breaking.
  • Does not require painting; however it can be painted over 24 hours after application (latex paint).
  • Withstands weathering, ultraviolet rays and exterior temperature changes.
  • Resistant to rain upon its application.

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