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Bugle Head Drywall Screws - Laminate

Bugle Head Laminate Drywall Screws

Lethbridge Fasteners Approved

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  • $26.32

Laminates gypsum board. Heavy 10 gauge laminator screws are also ideal for wood to wood connection. Extra sharp, single lead 23° GRABBER point, penetrates quickly. Sharper threads make driving easier and provide better holding power.Standard bugle head.

  • Head Type:Bugle
  • Recess Type: #2 Phillips
  • Thread Type: Single lead
  • Coating:Phosphate

Installation Guidelines:
  • Use a standard screwgun with a depth-sensitive nose piece. Suggested screwgun specification for optimal performance 4 amps minimum and 2500 RPM.
  • The Bugle head is fully seated when the head is flush with the work surface.
  • Overdriving may result in failure of the fastener or stripout of the work surface.
  • Coarse thread screw for temporarily fastening one layer of drywall to another

Screw products are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified and approved. The fasteners comply with ASTM C1002, as referenced in ICCES report ER-5280 are approved for use in structures governed by the International Building Code 2006, 2009, 2012, International Residential Building Code 2006, 2009, and 2012.

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