Jet 530107 40 Piece Metric High Speed Steel Tap and Alloy Die Set

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  • Sets 530106,530107 and 530108 contain H.S.S. taps for extra long life and improved performance
  • Includes
  • One of each: plug tap, hex die 3mm-0.50, 3mm-0.60, 4mm-0.70, 4mm-0.75, 5mm-0.80, 5mm-0.90, 6mm-0.75, 6mm-1.00, 7mm-0.75, 7mm-1.00, 8mm-1.00, 8mm-1.25, 10mm-1.25, 10mm-1.50, 12mm-1.50, 12mm-1.75, 1/8-27npt
  • Tap wrench: 1 long handled adjustable 1 T-handle 1/16-3/16 shank taps
  • Hex die stock: 1 (1)
  • Screwdriver: 1 slot
  • Pitch gauge: 1 metric thread
  • Blow mould case: 1

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