Jet 775431 5/16" Cold Chisel

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5/16" Cold Chisel (775431)
  • Designed for cutting, shaping or removing metals softer than the chisel itself such as wrought iron, unhardened steel, aluminum, brass and copper. Can also be used on some building materials WARNING: Always wear safety goggles
  • Made of the highest grade carbon steel, accurately hardened and tempered preventing splintering and extending life
  • Powder coated shank protects against rust
  • Edges accurately tempered to stay sharp
  • Extra-thick Hexagonal shanks minimize roll away
  • Working ends accurately ground and hardened to HRC 52-58 for maximum service
  • Striking end hardened to HRC-42 maximum won't chip or mushroom
  • Meets Canadian Government Specifications CDA39GP-43a
  • Warning: Always use punches and chisels on materials softer than the hardness of the punch itself
  • Shank 1/4"
  • Length 5"
  • Cut 5/16"

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