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3 x 5/8-11NC Knot Banded Cup Brush - High Performance (553607)

Jet High Performance Knot Banded Cup Brushes (Angle Grinders)


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  • $32.58

  • JET knot banded wire cup brushes are similar to a regular knot style cup brush but have the added feature of a band or knock-off ring. This ring helps to eliminate brush flare out, keeping brush tips in contact with the workpiece for a more aggressive brushing action
  • As the exposed brush wears down to the ring, it is easily knocked off to expose the balance of the wire for increased brush life
  • An excellent safety and performance aid, the band helps to reduce wire breakage caused by flare out
  • * 553607 and 553606 Feature exclusive larger diameter high density knot twisted brushes for 5" and 6" grinders - The industry's most productive brushes for this grinder range


Product # Diameter Arbor Hole Max Speed Wire Diameter
553605 2-3/4" 5/8"-11NC 12,500 RPM 0.020"
553606 3-1/2" 5/8"-11NC 11,000 RPM 0.020"
553607 3" 5/8"-11NC 11,000 RPM 0.020"
553652 4" 5/8"-11NC 8,500 RPM 0.020"
553655 5" 5/8"-11NC 6,500 RPM 0.020"

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