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Harness Trauma Strap - Peakworks CP-23300-1 (V860303)

Peakworks CP-23300-1 Harness Trauma Strap (V860303)


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  • $35.42

The new and improved PeakWorks Trauma Straps are designed with attention to detail. The straps are enclosed in bright orange packages for easy visual identifcation and sealed with hook and loop closure for easy removal in time of need. Trauma straps are an accessory for an easy add-on to any harness.

Why is a Trauma Strap necessary?

When a person falls and their fall protection system brings them to a safe stop, the individual is left suspended for a period of time before rescue. This can cause blood circulation to be cut off and blood to pool in the veins. Once rescued, the individual is lowered to the ground and laid flat; this can lead to a condition called orthostatic intolerance, in which the blood flow is released too quickly to the heart and which can result in a heart attack. Trauma straps can eliminate this potential condition by allowing the individual, while suspended in the air, to quickly release the straps, adjust them, and stand in them, thus allowing the blood to flow freely while awaiting rescue


  • Capacity: 181 kg (400 lb)
  • Operating Temperature: -35°C to +35°C

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