Victory Plastics A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger Clips Aluminum

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The A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger is the only hanger on the market designed to suspend threaded rod from the Q-Deck. It's the fastest, most economical way to hang plumbing pipe, light fixtures, sheet metal duct, display fixtures, and more from a Q-Deck. The Q-Deck Hanger eliminates unsightly holes chiseled or punched in the side of the Q-Deck, weakening the deck. With the Q-Deck Hanger, you can keep damage to roof insulation to a minimum.

The A.T.K. Q-Deck Hanger can be used as a pre-insert in concrete when used on top of the deck, by threading the rod up 2 1/2" and putting a hex knot on the rod, where there is concrete poured on top of the Q-Deck. Lab tests on a 23 gauge Q-Deck with 10 x 3/4 tek screws show the Q-Deck slotted at the screws' holes at 1,130 lbs. on the bottom and 1,570 lbs. on the top. Recommended loads at a 4-1 safety factor are 285 lbs. on the bottom and 390 lbs. on top.

Size # Lab Pull-Test Top Lab Pull-Test Bottom Recommended Load 5-1 Safety Top Recommended Load 5-1 Safety Bottom
1/4" QD-14 1,570 lbs 1,130 lbs 314 lbs 226 lbs
3/8" QD-38 1,570 lbs 1,130 lbs 314 lbs 226 lbs
1/2" QD-12 4 hole 1-1/2" wide - -

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