WORX 11-2450 Biodegradable Hand Cleaner 4.5 lb Stand-Up Pouch

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WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner has been a leading industrial hand cleaner since 1994! Developed for the auto aftermarket and transportation industry, today it is commonly used in variety of applications including; maintenance, repair & operations (MRO), transportation, manufacturing plants, oil & gas, agriculture, mining, forestry, fisheries, government, military, fire, police, E.M.S., construction trades, utilities, food processing, print industry & more...

WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner is pH Balanced, contains no harsh chemicals, microbeads, walnut shells or abrasives and is non-allergenic! Renowned for its superior performance, WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner is not only food safe, it's safer on your skin, green certified and cost effective.

WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner Stand-Up, 4.5 lb Pouch, 4/Pack - 11-2450

The new WORX green packaging adds value to overall supply chain cost by reducing the carbon footprint, lowering freight cost, increasing storage capacity, and reducing end of life disposal. The Stand-Up Pouch contains 4.5 pounds (2040 g) of product and includes 1450 hand washes in every package!

Simply pour the product into the reusable Reservoir Bottle, model 11-9930. This accessory can be used with the Shop Dispenser, model 11-9995, or Industrial Dispenser, model 11-9999 (optional). The pouch comes with a re-sealable top for convenient storage of unused product.


  • Proven Industry Performance Since 1994!
  • First Hand Cleaner to Obtain Environmental Certification
  • Lift Stains without Damaging, Drying or Cracking Skin
  • Neutral PH Balanced, Eliminates Foul Odors
  • Helps Prevent Dermatitis & Promotes Healing
  • Removes Carbon, Brake Dust, Axle Grease, Graphite, Silicone, Printer's Ink, Adhesives, Gear Grease, Fresh Paint, Varnishes, Fresh Industrial Coatings, Industrial Soils, Lube Oils, Coal Dust, Solvent-Based Adhesive Residue, Glue & more...
  • Does Not Contain Microbeads, Walnut Shells, Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives.
  • Food Safe (CFIA Approved)
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Low Cost per Wash
  • pH balanced (does not dry or damage skin), eliminates odors
  • First Hand Cleaner to Obtain Environmental Certification

Product Applications:

  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Oil & Gas / Mining
  • Agriculture / Forestry / Fisheries
  • Government / Military
  • Fire / Police / EMS
  • Construction Trades
  • Utilities
  • Food Preparation
  • Print Industry

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